The Packard Institute CCAR Recovery Coach Academy©

Join the Revolution as a Recovery Coach and carry The Packard Institute and the CCAR brand: a global leader in quality Recovery Coach training and the fundamentals of Recovery Coach excellence. Our training (10,000+ coaches trained) is the curriculum of choice for organizations nationwide. We focus on the Art & Science of Recovery Coaching.


  • List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery
  • Build skills to enhance relationships
  • Explore many dimensions of recovery and recovery coaching
  • Discover attitudes about self-disclosure and sharing your story
  • Understand the stages of recovery
  • Describe the stages of change and their applications
  • Increase their awareness of culture, power and privilege
  • Address ethical and boundaries issues
  • Experience recovery wellness planning
  • Practice newly acquired skills

The Packard Institute CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© training awards 30 CEUs.

Our faculty have walked in your moccasins. Connect with them.

Additional Training opportunities

Please check back often, as we will be offering a range of Recovery Coach, Recovery Support, and Recovery Management trainings, as well as additional professional training opportunities. 



Our most precious asset has always been our people. This makes self-care for our Recovery Coaches our most sacred mission. At our Highland Square headquarters in Akron we have a dedicated Recovery Coach Resource Center. Our coaches have access to:

  • Experienced Recovery Coach supervision and support
  • Recovery Coach Support Groups
  • In-service and other Professional Trainings
  • Professional Development resources for Recovery Coaches
  • Recovery Coach crisis intervention
  • Resource Network for Basic Needs
  • Recovery Coach CEUs
  • Dedicated Recovery Coach Chaplain
My deepest congratulations on the launch of the Recovery Coach Academy and Web Resource Center. I look forward to following the progress of these new and vitally important recovery support resources.”
— Bill White, Author, Slaying the Dragon: The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America