Integrating the Best Known & Emerging Healing Practices

We honor all pathways to recovery. Our approach is strength-based and person-centered.

When we sit down, we consider the unique human being in front of us and will always individualize our plan of careWe reject cookie-cutter approaches. It's about meeting people where they are.


The Packard Institute Counseling and Recovery Support model integrates family, community, and tribe in a carefully coordinated approach that is centered on your needs—not ours.

Shoulder to shoulder, we will craft a plan that leads you along a path rich with meaning, clarity, wellness, and a purpose-driven life.

What we offer:


When you sit down with our licensed counselors, our mission is to listen to, and try to understand the needs of the human being before us. While we can certainly provide more conventional assessment and counseling care, our overarching objective is to get our people to a place of independent, and sustainable recovery management. 



Our Integrated Care approach looks far beyond most conventional treatment models. We focus on an approach that emphasizes connection: to family, to community, to a layered and textured wrap around of connection such that one's recovery can be sustained and managed through the lifespan.

Access to Recovery Coaches can be the defining feature of successful recovery management. Negotiating our byzantine healthcare system can be bewildering enough for the most capable of us. Recovery Coaches, having walked in your moccasins, having had the shared lived experience, are the natural ally and advocate.



Our Levels II, III, and IV Recovery Residences are alternately gender specific and co-ed, LGBTQ friendly, and located in the Highland Square neighborhood in Akron - and while we honor all pathways, we are steps from the birthplace of 12-Step recovery. 

The "Emma House" has been a Packard Institute asset since 1967, purchased by Packard Institute founder Raynard Packard's German immigrant single mother, and has provided a recovery-friendly hearth and a place at the table to most any wacky cast-of-characters since that time.

Recovery Retreats - Florida

Located on Florida's Nature Coast in New Port Richey, this unique and deeply therapeutic location has provided healing retreats for hundreds of those in our tribe. Each retreat is uniquely themed, often integrating yoga, wellness, and adventure-oriented therapy. The institute's clear-bottomed kayaks offer a refreshing new perspective on the world unseen. We have not yet found a better classroom setting for The Packard Institute's CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© than Green Key Beach.




Each uniquely crafted Recovery Plan integrates dimensions of wellness some may have not yet discovered—or have long since lost touch with.

We have seen yoga, nutrition, and fitness be cornerstones of a sustainable recovery. Whether from our locations within the sacred Cuyahoga River Valley and its hundreds of miles of ancient trails, kayaking along Florida's Nature Coast and its sacred and cleansing mangrove forests, or even through our eastern states hiking along the Appalachian Trail, The Packard Institute's healing approaches integrate mother earth wherever and whenever possible.

We challenge our tribe to challenge themselves.

Family and/or Significant Other Services

Research and our experience has taught us that a key factor in our best outcomes include involving family and/or significant others in the healing journey. Where these systems no longer exist, we strive to create them. We offer both individual counseling and group support to families from within our tribe, and to the broader recovery community. We have provided this care to generations of families—as it remains a cornerstone of our success.