The Recovery Revolution 

"When we launched in 2007, some regarded us a rogue element. Some accused us of being too alternative, though many of our evidence-based practices predate the birth of Christ.

Our only abiding interest? Let’s do stuff that works.

To date, we’ve worked with over 2,000 families and we’ve done so largely with the support of our tribe and community— and not the tax-payer. People want to be involved with something that works, and we’re bringing it.”

— Raynard Dean Packard, M.A.Ed., LICDC-CS, PsyD (candidate) Founder & Director, of The Packard Institute, Inc. 

Meet Our Founder

Raynard Packard is a native son with a split pedigree. The described him this way: "Raynard still has a wild boy inside him, and he probably always will. However, he has come a long way, appending the West Coast slang he developed as a skater with the lexicon of a scholar... More importantly, he is a man who has overcome personal struggles and successfully dedicated his life to helping others do the same. And he isn’t going to stop."