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"It's difficult to put into words the amount of love, dedication, and loyalty The Packard Institute has for those they serve and the community as a whole. Raynard Packard and his Team offer a unique yet HIGHLY effective approach to Addictions Recovery and Recovery Supports. Gifted with talent and experiential knowledge, The Packard Institute is able to keep a sometimes difficult population to serve completely engaged and involved in personal recovery and active throughout the community. As a provider of similar services, we can ALWAYS count on The Packard Institute and its leadership to help us with those who seek alternative practices to ensure personal recovery success. 10 STARS to the Packard Institute and their band (tribe) of Misfits!"

-Denny Wilson Founder, President/CEO FI Community Housing

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The Packard Institute in Akron is the type of safe haven ALL young people need after going through hell and back! From addiction, mental health issues, and abuse. Where others have given up The Packard Institute begins. With the love and commitment  of Raynard Packard, staff members, and dedicated volunteers, these wonderful young people find the assistance to regain their life and succeed! Thank you for making the world a better loving place Mr. Packard!!

-Tari Kotewicz


"One text from Raynard to my son when he was slipping backwards was all the motivation he needed... it just proves how important it is to have "backup" when a parent is trying to do the right thing with a son or daughter... My son heard my words, but it wasn't enough to effect the change he needed. However, the motivation of being involved with an active recovery group like Packard, and your timely text, proved to be the motivator he needed. Excellent support when we needed it the most! We are indebted to you, and hope to spread the good news :)"

– Roberta Shelley


"I have seen some real miracles happen through the Packard institute. The staff is amazing… especially Tinker and Chubby the misfit Bengal! I have witnessed Raynard give his all to every single client, regardless if they are able to pay or not. Their mission is awesome and they never hurt their wounded!"

– Amelia Jones


"The Packard Institute does outstanding work supporting people in their recovery. The services and activities as well as Emma House provide what is needed for an individual to move from rehab to more solid ground. Bottom line is the staff of PI offers HOPE AND LIFE as they fight a medical illness without surgery or drugs. Thank you, Raynard Packard, for your vision, leadership, and dedication. Forever grateful."

– Kathryn Baker


"I can’t find the words to say how much the Packard Institute has helped my family. Saving and rebuilding lives and relationships."

– April Woodward


"For all of those don't feel like they fit in check out the Packard Institute and our sober house on Emma Street. That's where us misfits fit in where there's a lot of recovery and a lot of fun. Mixed in with a whole bunch of support. We will love you until you can love yourself! God bless each and every one!"

– Rick Harig